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Attempting to administer medication to babies and toddlers is arguably one of the most underrated challenges of fatherhood.  Sure Mommy can walk in with a smile and gently caress your little ones head and say “Come on baby, take this, it will make you feel better.”  But no matter how much truth, love and sincerity mommy’s words carry, if a toddler does not want to take medication, a toddler will not take medication.

Sure you can strong arm a child and pry their mouth open while using a syringe to inject the medication into the side of their cheek.  However, when doing this you can easily upset the child.  Until they are old enough to understand that medicine is there to help make them feel better you may have a formidable challenge on your hands.

Based on my experience, when my daughter was a one year old, we would force her to take medicine by using techniques that nurses recommended.  Injecting the syringe into the side of her mouth and forcing her to swallow would upset her so much that she would cry.  The combination of being upset and angry would cause her to gag and vomit.  This made matters worse for us because not only did she lose her dosage of medication, she often spit up her last feeding.  It was not long before we realized that the only way to get her to take medication and hold it down was to get creative.

So how do you get your sick child to take medication?  Here are five techniques that I have employed and been extremely satisfied with the results.  Of course some deception was employed in these techniques, but as veteran parents know, a win is a win, it doesn’t matter how you get it.

5 Ways To Get Your Babies To Take Medicine [metaslider id=540]

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