Gift Guide For Dads 2016

Well it’s that time of year again.  Time to do a little legwork by shaking down the latest blogs to see what are the primo gifts for dad.  Sure you procrastinated a little, but now that it’s on your radar you are going to give it the old heave-ho and knock this year out of the park.  That’s right, no last minuets plaid tie for dad this year.  No state-of-the-art nose hair trimmer, no sir, this year you aren’t trying to make him think he is the Rapunzel of nose hair.  This year you are going to get him something he will find useful, something he will actually use, something he will show off to his friends, unlike that bombastic “World’s #1 Best Dad” tee that only comes out when there’s grass that needs trimming.

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When it comes to getting a gift for dad, it’s best to find a gift that he will find useful, and while yes it is the thought that matters, how do you feel when you spend time and effort into buying or making a gift for dad just so that it becomes a dust collector or gets stored never to be thought of until it’s time to clean out the closet.  So what does dad find useful?  Well no one can answer that better than you.  Here are some ideas to get you on the path to getting a gift that’s sure to spark envy amongst the other dads.


People love talking about the weather, we all experience it, we all have our opinions about it, and it’s great for conversation because no one ever gets left out.  No one likes being left out, I did not see Season 3 Episode 9 of Game of Thrones, for all I know “Red Wedding” was merely a pun on the color of the bridesmaid dresses for a wedding I was not invited to.  Weather is universal and all-inclusive, so why not make your dad an amateur meteorologist.  His odd’s of predicting the weather are already as good the local weather guy.  Personal weather stations are cool.  Not only can you brag about it, but these days you can connect a personal weather station to the internet and have real time access to current weather readings from your smart device.

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While there are exceptions to every rule, fathers love to be entertained.  It’s why we don’t have a shortage of greeting cards depicting dad’s sitting on couches while watching TV.  Fathers love TV!  It’s where they get there news, weather, sports, and daily dose of…(insert your dads favorite show here).  With all the competition in streaming content available today you have a vast array of gift possibilities in various price ranges.

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Smart Home Improvement

A man’s home is his castle.  That’s why we want the best for our homes.  These days due to the internet of things, there is a boom in residential technology available to pimp-out your home.  From smart garage openers to smart thermostats, todays technology upgrades for home automation are more affordable and easier to install than ever before.  Every home should also have some form of security.  Today’s wifi cameras are packed with facial recognition and the ability to view from anywhere in the world on your smart devices.

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Fathers shave, trim, brush, and some even shower.  Grooming plays a significant part in men’s lives, even though some men use and confuse masculinity with poor hygiene.  If you want to make sure your dad stays clean and presentable check out these grooming related gift ideas for dad.

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Typical Daddy Picks

We know what it’s like to be indecisive, sometimes you just don’t know what to get.  When this happens you will more often than not ask someone else what would they like to get if they were a father.  So there’s no need to ask anyone this year because we have made a few picks for Father’s Day gift ideas just for you.

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If you have a gift idea for know what you would like to get for Father’s Day share it in the comment section below.

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