The Baby Banana and Cornelius The Teething Tooth Brushes.


When children begin teething it can be a difficult time for both you and your baby. A teething baby may be extremely fussy and wants to put everything in sight in his or her mouth to help with gum irritation.

While there are many products and home remedies available. Each with there prospective pros, cons, and myths, it’s a relief as a father to know that the people at Baby Banana by Live Right are making the lives of parents easier.

Product Background

Designed in collaboration with a dental hygienist, the Baby Banana teething toothbrush is made from medical grade silicon. According to the flexibility of the teether decreases the risk of mouth injuries. In addition the two handles make the teether much easier for an infant to hold and control. The teether is both freezer friendly and dishwasher safe. The product is designed for children under the age of one.

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Typical Daddy Thoughts

Okay so we know that our kids just want anything in their mouth to ease the pain. When they can’t find anything that helps they will cry and be extremely fussy grabbing any and everything in sight. We are talking shoe laces, bedsheets, big sisters hair, accidentally latching on to dad not wearing shirt. Hey these things happen. My wife discovered the Baby Banana teething tooth brush and purchased it from Target. Our son loved it. He excitedly rubbed the silicon against his tiny little gums and looked so happy and relieved. He stopped alternating between teething toy and started fussing when Baby Banana was not within reach. It soon became a must in our baby bag right next to the stash of diapers. Baby Henry has made it abundantly clear that his choice teether is the Baby Banana. Which is why a few weeks ago while at Target my wife and I were pleasantly surprised to find another Live Right product, Cornelius Teething Toothbrush. This delightful little ear of corn is constructed the same way as the Baby Banana, however instead of smooth silicon you will get texture resembling that of the kernels of corn. Baby Henry will alternate between the two drooling a river.

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Final Comment
I am not the most light footed dad, truth be told while getting up off my LazyBoy I have been known to accidentally step on a toy or two rendering them defective.  Point being that when a product incurs a degree of accidental abuse it’s good to know that the product still functions as originally designed.  I have accidentally stepped on Cornelius a number of times each time realizing that I may have just destroyed my sons favorite teether, but miraculously that happy little ear of corn comes out from beneath my shoe unscathed.  I simply wash it with soap and water and hand it back to my son.  I would never recommend a product that I do not trust with my own children, with that said, I highly recommend this product.

10 Questions About The Baby Banana

These are the standard ten questions every parent should ask before purchasing a product to see if the product in question meets your needs and requirments.

Is it safe? Yes, the product is safe for infants age 3 months to 1 year.  Please keep in mind that it is recommended that all infants be supervised when using a teether.
Who makes it?  The product is made by Live Right LLC. They are also the makers of HippoGrippo and other infant toddler products, you can visit their website for more information at
Where is it made? The Baby Banana and Cornelius Teething Tooth Brush are both manufactured in the USA, in Albany NY.
How popular is it?  Very, just checkout Instagram!
How much does it cost? Product cost will vary between $6 – $9.
Is there something better? Yes and No.  We ask this question all the time but it is nearly impossible to determine because every baby has a preference.
What features does it have? Features include a full soft silicon body, two wide grip handles, and soft silicon bristles on the head. Baby Banana is completely smooth while Cornelius is textured.
What is the product made of? Finest Medical Grade Silicon.
How long will the product last? The product is durable and will probably last for a few years, however it is only recommended for children 3 to 12 months old.  Children 12 months and older should begin using Baby Banana Toddler Training Toothbrush.
What is the size and weight? It only weighs a few ounces and is a few inches tall and couple inches wide, it fits in a pant pocket.

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