Typical Daddy Reviews: Klipit By Harperton

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The Stereotype

Men are tough, well some of us. The stereotypical male exudes ruggedness and sophistication. As Ron Burgundy puts it, the type of man who discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn.  Yet for all the strength and manliness in the world there are those things that men don’t talk about. So what is one of the many things men do but fails to be a stereotypical conversation held between men? Whatever you’re thinking is probably right, but what I’m specifically writing about is men trimming their nails. When was the last time you heard a group of men talking about how it’s so hard to find a decent nail trimmer that can do the job with precision? Or when was the last time you heard your buddy say, “I broke my nail bro!”, if in public my guess is probably never. But just because we don’t hear men talking about their cracked, broken, or horribly trimmed or untrimmed nails does not mean this is not a problem.

Nails are a part of our body. As such they should be treated with the same amount of care and proper grooming as facial hair, or that hair style you sport. Fingernails are not just for scratching your butt and clawing that booger out of your nose. Trim them too short and you’ll have trouble doing simple tasks like lifting annoying seals off food containers and satisfactorily scratching your gruesome twosome. Trim your nails with cheap trimmers and you run the risk of having rough and jaggedly sharp nails. Using a high quality nail trimmer is key to avoid these issues.

Harperton Background

The brilliant minds at Harperton created Klipit. Harperton took an existing product that is riddled with mediocrity and they identified the attributes that could make the product better. They started by using high-grade surgical stainless steel rather than cheap steel or aluminum. They designed the clipper with better ergonomics by creating a unique design that allows the clipper to cradle your fingers, making it easier to control and delivering a more confident clip. According to Harperton, the stainless steel blades are hand sharpened and the clipper cuts smoothly and easily removes the need for filing and prevents nail splitting, ingrown toenails and fungal infection. The reinforced and forged clipper handle creates more strength and leverage which means you have to work less, even with thick nails. These clippers are also Built to last. They were designed with durability in mind and created in Harperton’s state of the art manufacturing facility and they come with a Lifetime Warranty and 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If your clipper fails due to manufacturer defect, simply return it to the Harperton Warranty Center and they will fix or replace it, forever. It’s that simple.  The set also comes with a small storage pouch.

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 Klipit By Haperton TD Pics Klipit By Haperton TD Pics2 Klipit By Haperton TD Pics3
Typical Daddy Thoughts

I bought a set.  Immediately upon receiving and opening the nail trimmer I could feel the difference.  The weight and thickness of the high-grade surgical stainless steel gave the trimmer a feel of quality with a design to match.  The brushed nickel finish gave the clippers a bit of texture which is great because poor quality clippers always seem to be slippery.  The lever arm is sturdy and it had a bit of tension when moving it into place.  While clipping the clipper feels firm and was easy to balance and control.  The clipper is sharp and precise and left my nail much less rough than any other nail trimmer I have used in my lifetime.
Based on my experience I have always had a hard time finding nail trimmers that don’t leave my nails rough and feeling jagged or sharp.  If I do not file them down after trimming to smoothen them I soon get irritated by the feel of them in normal everyday activities.  Scratching also becomes a problem as rough nails tend to break or irritate the skin.  And I don’t always have the time to trim and file, ideally I would like to cut and be done with it and Klipit has been able to pull double duty.  Klipit is the first set of nail clippers I have found that I truly like and recommend.  Simply put, KlipIt by Harperton does for men what DeWalt does for handymen, they get the job done right.
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