Podcast: Paranormal Tales and Scary Clown Sighting

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Experiences With The Unknown: Scary Clown Sighting

Part 2 of 4

So we here at typicaldaddy.com are having a bit of fun in fall by sharing our personal experiences with the unexplained. This is our second podcast out of four in the lead up to halloween.

In today’s podcast we will once again share our personal experiences with the paranormal however rather than lighten the mood with one of our random dad conversations we are going to talk about the the rash for clown sightings throughout North America.

Naresh shares a tale that his Uncle told him about a deceased friend who says goodbye one last time from beyond the grave.  Hector shares a story about his sister playing with a makeshift ouija board with some frightening outcomes.    Lastly the Typical Daddy team talks about the recent rash of clown sightings.  Enjoy

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Well it’s official

San Antonio Police Department: Armed person in clown costume shoots at West Side homeowner.

You can read the full story by clicking above.


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