Is Social Media Dangerous? Protecting Your Children Through Awareness



Social Media has become a giant platform where information can be exchanged instantaneous.  It provides a wealth of information that can overload our minds. Additionally, we can share pictures, memories and experiences across the globe. We use it for business and communicating with family. We use it for learning large amounts of knowledge across a variety of topics all without leaving your chair. Another great aspect of social media is how it allows parents to connect with other parents, as well as, teachers and stay connected on a daily basis.

In contrast, social media can influence our children’s lives and can have great impact both psychologically and emotionally.  Specifically in emotional development of our children as they transition into adulthood. Contrary to popular belief, once information is shared on social media it gets replicated in an instant and can never be deleted.  

As dads, we want to initiate conversations around social media awareness for parents. We want to be able to teach our kids by providing the tools that they need to be able to make a well informed decision. Additionally, we must guide our children to understand the impacts of their decisions when it comes to the social media world.   

The Typical Daddy crew went on a journey in season 2 episode 2 of the Typical Daddy Podcast, to find out what information is available to help today’s parents gain the tools necessary to navigate their kids through social media. What we found was surprising!  Keyword searches on Google yielded little to no information on how parents can begin learning about helpful resources.  Here are the questions the dads asked themselves to begin researching topics to help other parents:

The questions that guided episode 2:

  • When should our kids start using social media?
  • How do I approach my kids about social media?
  • What resources are out there to help me as a parent?
  • What sites are being used by kids today?

Season 2 Episode 2 of the Typical Daddy Podcast

The Typical Daddy crew members each approached these questions from different perspectives.  Naturally, the team researched and answered the questions and shared their strategy in the podcast. While we all took different paths to get there, we found a commonalty that most information is incomplete and/or outdated. Social Media technology is moving faster than the information can be provided.  It is also a possibility that the topic is so challenging and enormous that no one group has tackled compiling multiple solutions and strategies for parents.  Thus, the Typical Daddy team has been highly motivated to create content to fill this void and put parents on the right track.

Typical Daddy Team

It took many hours to prepare for the recording of episode 2.  Here are the Typical Daddy teams resources and perspectives to help get you started.  We hope you can find the help you need.

Hector: Father of 2 Girls

Overall strategy: Searched for information on all media to help me prepare my kids for using social media.

Hector’s Overall Strategy

Henry: Father of 2

Overall Strategy: How to research and find the topics. My focus is to target social media my children are using.

Henry’s Strategy

Ed No Kids

Overall Strategy:  Searched for Teen usage on devices, social media and the influence it has influence.

Ed’s Strategy

Sergio: Expecting Twins

Overall Strategy: The effects of social media and the impact on our kids. To familiarize myself with how kids and teens are using social media.

Sergio’s Strategy

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To sum it up:

Unfortunately, there is no step by step process on how to prepare for the inevitable task of moderating how our children are interacting with social media.  The best we can do as parents is find and stay up to date with the latest information.  We understand that this fast paced world leaves little time for research and addressing concerns.  However we should allocate time to discuss how social media is impacting our children.




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