#Hashtags Parents Should Never Use: or Use At Your Own Risk

Parents & Hashtags “#”

As parents we may use social media to share thoughts, ideas, or family highlights.  When we engage in social media and begin to learn how it works we ultimately discover “The Hashtag” or as we all recognize it, “#”  This miniature tic-tac-toe grid is amazing!  It allows us to instantly weed though millions of posts and media to show us only the aggregated content of the word that follows the hashtag.  “#puppy”, I get to see all the posts where people have declared, the post may have something to do with puppies.  What joy.  However hashtags operate between the context of social media.  Social media, being a vast and difficult to to control beast, it is difficult to regulate.  This can cause a few problems for parents.  Parents post with the best of intentions and potentially could be unknowingly using hashtags that other users have used in explicit ways.


#Hashtags Parents Should Never Use: or Use At Your Own Risk

The problem and challenge with hashtags is they can be ambiguous.  Which is why the Typical Daddy team put together a list of the hashtags parents should never use.  Not using these hashtags will keep your post from falling between sexually explicit or disturbing content.  We want to keep you on the right side of the Twitter tacks.

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