Daddy DIY: How To Make Cascarones Also Known As Confetti Eggs

How To Make Cascarones
How To Make Cascarones

Family Tradition

Hola everyone! In reminiscing of years gone by, I was thinking about how I grew up spending time with my family making confetti eggs called Cascarones. One of the interesting things about Cascarones is how we collect eggs throughout the year and that this requires that we break them a certain way. Of course there were times when we collected eggs at the last minute, which obviously meant we had a ton of egg salad to eat after we made the Cascarones. This is why I will show you How To Make Cascarones Also Known As Confetti Eggs.

All these years later, I now plan to continue this tradition with my children. I hope to have the same special memories with them that I had made with my own parents. To this day I remember the joy and anticipation of the easter hunt. My brothers and I were so excited to find the few eggs that my mom would fill with money. But of course the real fun came when it was time to find someone and crack the confetti eggs over someone’s head. This was the real fun of the day. And it is this, the laughter and family time that I will continue as a tradition with my own children.

So with this in mind this Easter, I have compiled a list and how to description for you to make your own Cascarones. It is never too late to start collecting the egg shells so you don’t end up with lots of egg salad too! I also recommend that you save the egg carton since this will come in handy through the process.

Getting Started

Supplies needed: Eggs, Egg Carton, McCormick food coloring, markers or crayons, tissue paper, Glue stick or Elmer’s liquid glue, q-tips, Confetti, Tongs, butter knife or spoon, scissors and party cups, paper made funnel. For your convenience, there are coloring kits out there have the dye and wire holders such as the PAAS.

Here are steps to making the cascarones (confetti eggs) and different ways to decorate them:
1.) Crack a small hole in the top of egg with a spoon or butter knife. I prefer the butter knife.
2.) Empty the contents of the egg into a bowl for later use if desired.
3.) Rinse the inside of the egg with cold water.
4.) Place the egg carton upside down so that eggs can be placed upside down for adequate drying or pat eggs with paper towel.
5.) Use the PAAS coloring kit or McCormick food coloring (see package for mixture for dying), markers or stickers to decorate the egg. If using the PAAS coloring kit, then place eggs in party cups each with its own dye color or a big bowl to color large amount of eggs all at the same time. I use the Food coloring and mix ½ cup hot water from the tap with about 1 teaspoon vinegar with about 10-20 drops of food coloring per McCormick’s package instructions depending on how dark you want the color
6.) Use tongs to remove eggs from the dye and place them downward on the egg carton.
Use a cone or funnel to pour confetti or money into the egg shell. When finished, place the egg shell right side up to seal the hole. To make a cone, you can use a piece of paper wrapped up and utilize this to pour the confetti. Confetti can be easily made by using a 3 hole puncher on different colored construction papers.
8.) To use as a seal for the hole on the egg, cut tissue paper into 1 inch squares.
9.) To get the tissue paper to stick to the egg, rub glue around the egg of the opening using a glue stick or liquid glue using q-tips.
10.) After glue surrounds the opening, place the 1 inch square of tissue on top to cover the opening.

Ta da. Now you are ready to hide the eggs for the Easter egg hunt and crack them over someone’s head!

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