Season 2 Episode 5: Interview with Author Jamie Glowacki


On this episode we interview author Jamie Glowacki! 

Intro audio: The Doctors

This season we have been talking about how connecting with your kids, on an intimate level, can provide you great insight into their behaviors that you will need when they get older. We have been imploring you to find opportunities to connect with your child. We found a great one to start with, potty training! It is one of the first major milestones where you can do

just that! It is a perfect opportunity to build trust and take advantage of those moments in life that are too often fleeting.


Today we are excited to bring you Jamie Glowacki author of the book “Oh Crap! Potty Training” This interview was recorded on March 31st 2017.


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We want to thank Jamie Glowacki (The badass unicorn!) for a fun time talking about what all guys love to talk about and of coarse providing great information! You can find her on her website:


 You can buy Jamie’s book here: Amazon Book Link


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