Season 2 Episode 12: Interview Author Brian Vondruska


On Season 2 Episode 12: Brian Vondruska Interview on the Typical Daddy Podcast
On this episode, we are honored to interview Brian Vondruska Author of the book “The Optimal Life Experience” and “The Kind of Parent You Are.” Sergio and Hector, we explore the vision of how to become the best Father/husband and what it means to be an effective parent. We discuss and share our experiences of parenting. We talk about the challenges of what parents face as Brian brings to our attention that being a parent is an identity change and the best parent you set out to be, brings the best out in our children.

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Many thanks to Author Brian Vondruska for taking the time out of his busy schedule to help us explore the optimal life experience and the kind parent you are.

You can find Brian Vondruska at:

“The Optimal Life Experience” book releases September 2017

“The Kind Of Parent You Are” book releases February 2018

Twitter: @BrianVondruska

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