Ask Nurse Connie


As we approach cooler temperatures the inevitability of our children getting sick is imminent.  As parents, we have lots of questions about what to do when our kids get sick.  Many people pull out their smart phones and hop on the information highway to try and figure out things for themselves.  Rather than be at the mercy of a slew of endless possibilities, we have decided to invite a special guest to our podcast.

On September 4th will release part 1 of our sit down with Pediatric Nurse Connie.  In this episode, Nurse Connie shares her expertise about child wellness and answers our questions.  Be sure to listen to the episode on Apple Podcast or Podbean.

As always, we want to engage our listeners by giving them an opportunity to ask Nurse Connie questions.  If you have any questions about child wellness for Nurse Connie you can ask by completing the Questions For Nurse Connie form. You can also ask your questions on the TypicalDaddy Facebook page and on Twitter.  By submitting your questions, Nurse Connie will answer them on future releases of our podcast.  So subscribe to our podcast and stay tuned!

Ask Nurse Connie

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