How the Oh Crap! Potty Training Method Works in Real Life

How the Oh Crap! Potty Training Method Works in Real Life

When it comes to potty training children, dads have to admit this is a major milestone.  Dads don’t typically think of potty training as being a milestone for them, but it is.  After months of midnight diaper changes, nightmare liquid poop shooting out of diapers, and the occasional poop covered finger, dads can now relax and save a bit of money.  Focusing on getting your child potty trained is in your best interest.

When you decide to start potty training, we highly recommend reading Oh Crap! Potty Training.  Author Jamie Glowacki uses a common sense approach that is fun and practical.  We aren’t the only ones who find Jamie’s work on potty training insightful, wrote a post about using Jamie’s book.

Get the kid excited by telling him you’re going to get rid of the diapers.
YES: Our son loves saying “No diapers!” with a big sweep of his arm every day (even though we still put them on for naps and bedtime). It’s an easy, fun way to get him into the process.

Typical Daddy had the privilege of sitting down with Jamie for Season 2 Episode 5. You can hear our podcast by clicking on listening now.  You can also visit Jamie’s website.

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