Should You Buy The iPhone X: Prospective For Parents

Meet the iPhone X, Apple's New High-End Handset

Should You Buy The iPhone X?  The urge to upgrade to the latest iPhone is undeniable.  Who are we to resist the lure of the latest work of functional art to come out of Cupertino?  

We live in very interesting times

I know I am getting old when I reminisce about a time long past where products were not replaced until they were broken.  Extending the usable life of products to save money was the name of the game.  Now it seems that the game has evolved and buying the latest and greatest Apple tech is more important than saving a few dollars.  For some, it’s being able to say they were among the first to have the product, for others it’s a status symbol, and there are those that are so devoted to the forbidden fruit, that standing in line for the latest iPhone is a tradition.

iPhone 8 and iPhone X

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The new iPhone X packs more new stuff into any device since the original iPhone. It’s the most complete redesign of the product ever and even offers a glimpse at what the iPhone might become when the world no longer wants smartphones. Of course, you probably won’t buy one. Even if you can afford the super high price, getting your hands on an iPhone X in the next few months will be like hunting for the holy grail. Except in this case, the fancy one is the right answer.


Now that Apple has officially made their announcement about the new iPhones, prospective buyers on a budget begin asking themselves, “Should I get the iPhone X?”  The phone is absolutely incredible, so sure, get the phone if you have the disposable income.  However, with a price tag of $1000 this iPhone does not come cheap.  So let’s look at a quick analysis of what $1000 can buy.


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