13 Tips for Improving Outdoor Portraits – Tips To Help Parents Take The Best Photos of Their Precious Moments

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Tips To Help Parents Take The Best Photos of Their Precious Moments

When it comes to taking pictures of our children we relish the opportunity to take as many of these precious moments as possible.  With fall approaching families will now have the opportunity to go apple picking, visit pumpkin patches, and get dressed up for Halloween.  With all the activities and beautiful backdrops, fall offers parents numerous family photo opportunities.

To ensure the best possible photos, we recommend reading Digital Photography School’s tips for taking great outdoor portraits.

There are three very simple things that improve all photography, including portraits. To this day, there is no trick I have found that replaces the need for proper exposure, white balance, and sharp focus. Today’s digital cameras have less exposure latitude than a roll of Kodak gold film. In-camera metering systems have become much more advanced, but the sensors still lack the seven ƒ-stop exposure latitude that negative film has […]

These three tips are easy to practice and will have you shooting great photos with little to no effort in no time at all.  You will have stellar results and an enviable Facebook or Instagram feed.

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