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Over the past two months in an effort to improve my overall health, I decided to eliminate meat and most dairy from my diet.  This change has forced me to be more creative in my search for tasty foods.  With a passion for mixing flavors and desire to eat better, I set out to find and create recipes that I can make and truly enjoy.

My criteria for finding and creating a recipe is that all recipes need to be practical.  As a working father, blogger, and podcaster, I don’t have hours to experiment in the kitchen.  All recipes need to be easy enough to prepare in less than 45 minutes and be tasty enough that my wife will actually want to eat it.

Because I intend to put some effort into collecting recipes, after a short discussion, the Typical Daddy team has decided to add a Recipes Page to our website.  Here we will feature recipes that the team create and curate to share with the world.  We will also add a contact form for you to submit your favorite recipes and the dads will attempt to make them and feature the good and bad on our site.  Note that our team is made up of meat eaters and non-meat eaters so any and all recipes are welcome.

If you would like to submit your recipe complete our Recipe Submission form.

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