Overprotective Father and His Daughter End Up in Jail

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When Being Over Protective Goes Wrong

A typical overprotective parent might forbid their children from watching violent content on TV.  Another overprotective parent might not tell their child the truth out of fear that their child could not handle it.  I have on occasion forbid my daughter play outside because there were too many mosquitos flying around.   It’s not every day though that an overprotective father goes to his daughter’s school and ends up putting her ex-boyfriend in the hospital. 

We want to protect our children and defend them as much as possible however one Kansas father and his daughter have ended up in the criminal correction system because they chose to beat the daughter’s ex-boyfriend almost to death.

While at school, his daughter reportedly received a threatening text from her ex-boyfriend and they went to confront him in his classroom.

“You threatened to kill my daughter. I’ll f–k you up,” Josiah Wright allegedly told the teen, according to the Kansas City Star.

Police said he then grabbed the ex-boyfriend by the hair from his chair and threw him to the ground.

Both the dad and daughter kicked and punched the teen, police said.

I believe the father’s behavior was far beyond excessive and reprehensible.  Where should parents draw the line when trying to protect their children?

You Can Read The Full Story Here

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