The Pros, cons, and costs of Daycare- Typical Daddy Editoral

Childcare options: Pros, cons, and costs

We know that childcare can be expensive, the Typical Daddy team echoes those sentiments on Season 2 Episode 15: The Pros and Cons of Daycare.  While we are very familiar with the costs of daycare we often overlook the advantages and disadvantages of daycare.  We found that the folks over at have created a list of Pros and Cons that are aligned with our thoughts on the matter.  

Finding quality childcare can be a major parenting challenge. If you’re returning to work, start thinking about childcare soon after your baby’s born — or as early as your second trimester if you live in a big city or anywhere that good childcare is scarce or in high demand. […]

It is important to realize that everyone will have their own point of view on the pros and cons.  It is possible that some of the advantages of sending your kids to daycare are all a parent ever experiences.  Similarly, it is possible for a parent to only experience the disadvantages of daycare.  It is more likely that the majority of parents will experience a healthy balance of both pros and cons.

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