Fall Family Fun: 10 Fall Activities

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Fall Family Fun: 10 Fall Activities

Summer Is Over, Fun Is Not

Summer is coming to an end and it feels like it’s ending too soon.  People love summer, I absolutely love summer.   There are so many memories that are made over June and July.  Memories of grilling outdoors on a beautiful evening just before a storm rolls in.  Memories of enjoying the 4th of July weekend with the family at the park waiting with anticipation for the moment the kids faces light with excitement in awe to see the fireworks display.  There are undoubtedly memories about taking a family trip to the beach, maybe a lake or the river.  Perhaps memories of camping with the family.  Personally, I think the best part about summer is that the kids are not getting sick every other week.  About the only thing I don’t care to make a memory of is cutting the grass when it’s more than 100 degrees outside, but that’s still not such a bad gig because once the job is done I can kick back with a cold one, and the best tasting beer is always the one in your hand after mowing and trimming the grass and weeds.

Summer is a blast, so it’s no wonder why as soon as Fall descends some people feel that the good times are now over and it’s back to the rigorous grind and schedule.  Life goes back to dropping off and picking up the kids from school, going to work, sitting in traffic, making sure the kids do their homework, take the kids to the doctor, trying to save money where you can for the holidays, and maybe if you’re lucky you have five minutes to sit on the toilet.  There are also other stresses in life that seem to continue to mount causing summer to become nothing more than a distant memory that you might scroll through on your smartphone on a Sunday night while Tony Romo gets hurt and the Dallas Cowboys continue to disappoint you in the background.  But I digress.

Things To Do With The Family During Fall

Just because summer is over does not mean the family fun has to end with it.  Fall is often an overlooked opportunity for more Family memories than the average person would typically suspect.  The best part about it is many of the activities are free or inexpensive.  Here are 10 fun activities in no particular order that you can enjoy with the family during the fall months that cost little to no money at all.

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Go Apple Picking

Many orchards offer this experience for you and your family.  Get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and the sites, sounds, and smells of fall settling in the country.

Visit A Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are hard to miss and even harder to resist.  The family gets an opportunity to get outdoors and search for just the right pumpkin.  Some patches have a few hundred while others have thousands.

Try A Corn Maze

This is sure to provide a few hours of family fun.  Roam acres of a customized corn field that is riddled with dead ends and wrong turns.  Take water because you might just get lost.

Carve A Pumpkin

Once you visit the pumpkin patch you just have to carve that squash up to make a Jack O’Lantern.  Remember, once you carve the pumpkin you only have a few days before it starts to grow mold and rot.  If you want to start early, use a marker, a few days before Halloween you can carve it.

Bake and Decorate Breads & Cookies

Cooler weather is always the best time to start baking and the kitchen is the hub of seasonal aromas and delicious treats.  Get the family together to bake and decorate cookies.

Take A Hay Ride

If you don’t feel like lifting pumpkins to find the perfect one or walking miles through a corn maze then the Hay Ride is for you.  Sit back on a bushel of hay and let farmer what’s his name pull you around to enjoy the outdoors.

Go For A Hike

Hiking is a great opportunity to get outdoors, sure you can do it any time of the year, however, in fall there are less or no mosquitoes, cooler temperatures, and colorful trails.

See The Foliage

When the weather gets cooler the leaves begin to change color.  The colors are short-lived as they soon fall as winter blows in so enjoy the awesome sights while you can and appreciate nature.


So all these activities with the family and no fun for mom and dad.  Well find yourself a babysitter and go enjoy some German culture and merrymaking.  You may not be able to find your way to Germany but there is more than likely an Oktoberfest event in the area to give you reprieve from the kids for a day.

Go To A Community Event Or Fall Festival

Now that you had your night out away from the kids it’s time to make it up to them.  Check your community events scheduled for fall festivals.  These are fun events for families that encourage you to get out and participate in arts and crafts along with other seasonal activities.

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