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Flu Shot Effectiveness Boosted By Listening to Your Favorite Song, Researchers Find

Flu Shot Season

It’s pretty hard to be happy when you know you’re right about to have a stainless-steel tube penetrate your arm skin and tissue to inject a dead virus into your bloodstream.  Sure the shot is going to prevent you from getting deathly ill if you happen to catch the flu, but that doesn’t make getting the vaccine any less of an annoyance.  A new study may turn your flu shot frown upside down.  Researchers find flu shot effectiveness increases when you’re happy.

Researchers from the University of Nottingham studied how various factors, such as physical activity, diet, sleep and mood (both positive and negative) impacted flu shot effectiveness. As the influenza vaccination tends to work less in older adults, the team enlisted 138 people between 65 and 85 years old for the study. Participants completed a behavioral evaluation for two weeks leading up the vaccine and for four weeks following. Then, researchers measured levels of the flu antibody found in each person’s blood after four weeks and 16 weeks post inoculation.

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