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Little Lungs RSV Awareness Month

Help Protect Little Lungs From RSV Awareness Month

Did you know that October is RSV Awareness Month. What is RSV and are parents prepared for it? RSV is Respiratory Syncytial Virus and most parents are not aware. The Typical Daddy team became aware of RSV when speaking with Special Guest Nurse Connie in our podcast Season 2 Episode 13.

As cold weather approaches, RSV season is near. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) RSV Season starts late October and peaks in January. Every year there are 2.1 million outpatient visits among children younger than 5 years old. RSV can be serious not only for infants but also for older adults. We found that the folks over at Protect Little Lungs are raising awareness about RSV and helping the community with a project called Knit Big For Little Lungs.

RSV is the #1 reason babies are hospitalized within their first year of life. Yet most parents don’t know it exists. Share with friends PARTNERS IN RSV AWARENESS The community of people working together to raise awareness of RSV extends beyond Protect Little Lungs. Click the arrow below each […]

Since 2016, people from all across the country have participated in the Knit Big for Little Lungs campaign during RSV Awareness Month (October). Many people with a passion for knitting or crocheting have donated their time to create blankets, hats, booties, and more for babies in NICUs at hospitals countrywide. 

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