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We here at TypicalDaddy know that it is never too early to start reading to children.  We love reading to our children, it gives us an opportunity to spend time with each other to watch them learn and grow.  Over time they will go from listening to you read, to turning the pages of the book for themselves.  Soon you can take turns reading pages, chapters, and books.

That's why we created Daddy's Bookshelf.  It gives us an opportunity to share with you the stories we love to read with our children and the books we will encourage them to read as they grow.  This is a living list that will grow over time as we read more books.  If you see something you think we should add to our list or consider reading let us know below and we will add it to our list to read.

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Books We Read To Our Children

Here are our favorite books for reading to our children for fun or before bed.

...More To Come Soon...

Books We Read

If you get around to turning off the television here are our favorite books for reading.

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Books We Want Our Teens To Read

Here are a list of books that we would like our children to read when they become teens.

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Books We Will Be Reading This Year

These are books we plan on reading at some point this year.

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