Daddy Contributor: Henry


HenryHenry is married with two beautiful children.  He works full time in Corporate America and loves the outdoors.  Henry earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration while raising a family and working full time.  He is a DIY type of guy and likes to get his hands dirty because not only can money be saved on projects but he loves the feeling of doing things for himself.  When he can, Henry enjoy’s cycling and playing basketball.  He can’t wait until his children are old enough to run and play outdoors.  In his spare time he enjoys working with his friends and sharing his fatherhood experiences.  The Typical Daddy website was conceived by Henry while out to lunch with his friend and colleague Hector.  Together, they felt that building a website devoted to sharing parenting advice from the prospective of the dad would not only be fun and entertaining but it could be a useful resource for new and veteran dads.  Thus Typical Daddy was create to fulfill this idea.